InSights: In Over My Head~

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day! I had a quiet day. Mason had a golf tourny requiring him & Marty to leave very early in the morning, like 6 a.m. And since my morning was spent in the Emergency Room with Jessi, I opted to sleep in, stay home & clean. Yes, the Emergency Room ...

My daughter's entire body was covered with welts & rash from an allergic reaction. She woke up yesterday with symptoms that weren't too bad. Had breakfast, got ready for work & called me around 12:30 while I was meeting Hollie for lunch. "Mom? I have this rash all over me. I think I need to go to the doctor..." She's had *rashes* before from mild allergies. I told her to take a Benadryl and call me if it got worse. She decided to go on into work. After a few hours, I received another call from her, "Mom! I had to leave work! I have a rash all over my body! It really itches & is driving me crazy!" I thought it was a fine rash. I was wrong. She had welts all over her back, tummy, arms, & legs. We gave her another Benadryl. I guessed she was reacting to some Sea Salt I used on French fries for dinner since she is allergic to iodine. We also thought perhaps it was body salts she had used in the bath tub but there wasn't an explanation as to why her feet hadn't broken out since that's where she had primarily used it. She was still wanting to go to the doctor & I was hoping the medication would kick in to avoid walking into an ER filled with patients suffering from flu & upper respiratory stuff. I figured if she was still bad in the morning, we'd go to the doctor.

One of her friends called & told her that she had experienced a severe allergic reaction that caused her to go into shock. *A* is training at the Air Force Academy to become a medic. "You really need to monitor Jessica's *vitals* tonite. She could go into shock if it gets bad." The word *vitals* didn't sit well with me. "Ohh great, I thought." The nearby hospital's ER is not exactly top notch & there is always a long wait. I prepared myself mentally that it was going to be a very L.O.N.G. night. I decided to stay with Jessi in Jacq's room to keep a watchful eye on her. She watched a movie. I read Twilight. The cat curled up on my legs. Very shortly after settling down, Jessi began to cough a little. I ask her to cover her mouth because I do not want to get sick {last year had been awful for me with URIs}. "No, Mom. I don't have a cold. My throat is feeling itchy." Book shuts. I immediately roll out of bed, "Come on, Jessi. Let's go now." After the lengthy convo with her friend, it didn't take any convincing. Plus the fact that she was itching like crazy & wanted relief.

We rushed to get ready. We got in the car & sped out the driveway towards the hospital. I hoped for clear streets & good timing. I was very worried that Jessica's throat could shut down. "Honey? It's very important that you stay calm. So, try not to worry & relax. I'll get you there. And we better not hit any damn red lights or I'm going to run them!" "Don't run any red lights, Mom!" Now, can you imagine your Mom telling you to stay calm & you know that your throat may slam shut any second?? Plus, she's driving a little more aggressively than normal. {At least I wasn't talking on my cell.} I'm sure that just made her even MORE nervous.I sensed her anxiety, not only from being scared but also realizing Benadryl can make you feel like you are literally climbing the ceiling! Sure enough, we get to the end of the road at the first intersection. The light turns red. Typical. I am many things, but I am NOT a patient woman. Especially if I feel like one of my kids is in trouble! I carefully waited & hurried through the light knowing we did not have a second to spare. I sat in the driver's seat on pins & needles praying that Jessi wouldn't have increased breathing problems.

A mile from the hospital Jessica asks, "Mom? Are we almost there? I feel weird..." "Yes, honey. Try to relax & stay calm. We'll be there in a minute, it's just a few blocks away." We get lucky and make the next light but not the next. The police will have to follow me to the hospital, if they see this! I pull the car up to the ER entry & leave it parked there. We are directed to the registration office where I informed the nurse that my daughter is having an allergic reaction to something, is covered with welts & is beginning to have trouble breathing. We were immediately pulled into the triage office & quickly processed. Relief. And I felt terrible jumping in front of the line but hospitals don't take chances with allergic reactions, as I have learned.

We are highly suspicious that Jessi is allergic to Strawberries. Strawberries are commonly known to cause allergic reaction. She had a prior reaction to Iodine at the hospital when they gave her a contrast X-ray for being thrown off a horse & knocking a thick fence post down with her ribs. They administered steroids & more Benadryl with, of all things, apple juice. {Why would you give a patient apple juice when she is having an allergic reaction & doesn't know what it is??? Just a question!} Well, her symptoms worsened after the medication was given! The insides of her arms welted up in front of our eyes. I was a little worried & told the P.A. who initially examined her. The P.A. promptly called in the doctor who was also concerned & said, "Ya know, I'd really like to put her on an IV. I'm concerned that it's progressed & IV will help get cases like this under control." "Absolutely. That's fine." Jessica wasn't thrilled but was so miserable with the itching that she was open to IV. Bless her heart, the nurse couldn't find a vein from her arm & had to put the IV in her hand. That's so uncomfortable! Fortunately, it worked! I was relieved. Jessica said she could feel the medicine wash over her & although it made her feel funny, the itching & welts started subsiding. We *hung out* there till 3:30 a.m. I am typing this update not as myself b
ut as a zombie! *That* was my morning -- *This* was my day.

I thought you all would enjoy this recent pic of GiGi & Georgie. She's in heat, by the way which means Chief transforms himself into a scud missile. You know those heat seeking bombs that stop at nothing to wage their destruction! Georgie has a feeling something is up but, fortunately, he's still young enough not to turn into a werewolf like Chiefy! Yea, Chief's had *practice* & has fathered two litters of Maltese pups. This means I will have to endure about two weeks of whining, bad behavior & no affection from my loyal, Chief. I will be *invisible* to him. He will no longer acknowledge my presence or authority. So, I'll be shuffling kennels, potty breaks & meals.

Oh yes, and constantly screaming. "NO CHIEF! NO-NO!" joy........... :)

Now! I was very pleased with the effect of this photo today! I randomly took some shots of the dynamic duo & love the look. I kept making weird noises at them to get their attention & got a little lucky. I added some effects & worked on the lighting -- it looks like a vintage Charles Faudree photo, except with the wrong breed of dog. The flooring picks up GiGi's coloring & the black accent in the Aubusson rug picks up Georgie's coloring. They are so adorable! I swear I pick them up 20 times a day to nuzzle into their soft ears & neck to kiss them! And simultaneously tell them, "I love you!" in a wistful way, then playfully toss them back onto the floor. Georgie has this move down I call the "Boingo Poingo". He'll stand in front of you & bounce, bounce, bounce ... *Boing!* *Boing!* *Boing!* He's also very athletic. Jumping agilely from the floor to my chair up high to the back pillow in a flash! Anyway, they sure look cute. So, what other fun issues am I dealing with besides Hazardous Allergic Reaction, Pup-In-A-Rut & Bionic Puppy? I'm a little, "In Over My Head" on my painting project! Haven't you all been wondering where the heck I've been?!?!

See the 3 boxes on the table? Also note, the chaotic mess! I'm trying to paint them to look *CHIC & COUTURE* instead they are looking *PICKLED*! Now, don't get me wrong! I love all kinds of decorating styles but I wanted these boxes to look French NOT country! Here's a close up of the 1st box in step 3! I thought I knew what I was doing but then it just isn't happenin' the way I want it to look. So, I'll continue to *work my magic* until the job is done but I had to call in a pro today. Enter My Mom.

Note that little oil painting propped on the table against the wall {& in picture at the top}? That is a replica of a painting my Mom did many years ago. The one she did is probably about 36x48. I found this at an antique store & grabbed it because I've always loved the painting of *The Woman in the Gold Dress Reading". I kinda feel badly that I don't know her name, considering I've grown up with her my entire life! Perhaps this will give you an understanding of why I am so frustrated that I can't even get a flat box to
look pretty when my Mom can paint gorgeous classical paintings! ;) ... I called her. She gave me some advice but it wasn't enuf! So we will see how it turns out.

The table also has gold leaf & decoupage supplies on it! I wish I had a pattern too! The plan is/was to paint 1) one that is black with green antiquing but I reversed it because the black seemed too strong, 2) one that is cream & sage stripe w/ gold leaf accents & 3) one that is cream with a green swirly pattern on it! Then, I planned on putting altered art images on the bottom decoupaged. It's slowing me down & taking me out of my Blogging-Groove! But in the end, they will be very useful & hopefully cute!



  1. Oh my what a day you had. As someone who also gets allergies I understand your daughters need to go to hospital. They are terrible places in that the waiting is so long. Glad she is ok. Has she had allergy testing done? I love your slide pictures of your family too. Beautiful family you have! I hope you catch up on your sleep and have a restful Sunday.

  2. @Lilly She is doing well but it flared up again after eating a burrito yesterday! >?< They've put her on Prednisone, Allegra & Zantac and said that it could take a week for this to settle. Tomorrow I'll schedule her with an allergist I know to do the scratch panel testing. It was scary when her throat started tickling. Benadryl would not have been enough for her. She needed medical assistance {albeit at 11:00 pm - I should have taken her in that afternoon!}. They said the Benadryl helped control her overall reaction. I was thankful she had taken two doses or, otherwise, it would have been very severe. Hopefully, it's just strawberries and Iodine!

    I thought of you as I wrote this entry last nite. I was thankful for the little problems in my life when there are so many atrosities & catastrophies that occur on a daily basis. My heart just sinks whenever I think about it. Truly.
    And thank you for the compliments. I have a sweet little family most of the time! ha!

    {Lilly has a wonderful blog! She lives in Australia where the terrible bushfires have devastated peoples lives & taken loved ones. Visit Lilly! You'll love her! She's got a funny sense of humor & a compassionate heart.}

  3. I hope your daughter is doing better. You must have been scared out of your mind (without wanting to show it). Will keep you in my thoughts, and hope her allergy testing results offer some relief as to the cause of her reaction.

  4. @Nancy Thanks, Nancy! She's still very itchy!

  5. JULS - I just read your comment on my Valentines post. It was amazing I loved it. Brush away that soot because the embers are still burning strong. Just a lovely story! And yes you never know we may get an answer to the motor bike question eventually. As for the allergies its tough, my sister is similar too.The most surprising foods do it to me like beans, tomatos, mangoes. Hope you are rested and your daughter is better.

  6. Hi Juls,

    Had 5 minutes and was just running down my list picking a few to look at. I saw you had something new so thought to see what it was.

    I am very sorry to hear of what happened with your daughter. I also break out into rash/welts from allergic reactions (to uhmm..well, hehe I'm allergic to anything and nothing at any given's a real beaut) but I read that so just wanted to tell you to hang in there.

    I don't know if your daughter can use it or not, but to try and help with the scratching I douse myself in cortizone-10plus cream. It doesn't help 100%, but it helps when waiting for the ingested to go to work.

    I also take the Benadryl anytime I feel it starting to happen. Your daughter would know what I mean. You can feel it before the actual welts start up, that itchy/burny feeling.

    I will keep you guys in my thoughts and hope you're able to find out what is causing it and it be a few things easily controlled.


  7. @Angelique Hey Girl. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll get a tube of the cream for her to use. She took a 2nd dose of Prednisone this morning and it really knocked out the rest of the welts. She's afraid to eat anything now!

    I'm still painting {learning} these boxes that I want to put my embellishments in, instead of plastic ones! We'll see ;)


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