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Angelique, one of my blogger-budz played *Purse-of-the-Day-Tag* on me! Can you believer her!?! lol... She is ultra-creative & provides a lot of step-by-step illustrations of paper craft techniques! Now! It's my turn to Choose 5 of you! Hmmmmm??? :) I *luv* Curt of Curt's World but he's out coz he's a guy. We'll have to think of a contest for our blogger-boyz!

Here's Angelique's blog:

Rulz Are . . .

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are using today - not last weekend when you and your hubby went out to that fabulous restaurant. No cheating!!!
2. Tell us how much it cost. This is a no-judgment zone -- there will be no ridiculing or eye rolling here. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.
3. Then, I pick 5 people to post on their blog!

Okay, this is *the* purse I've been toting around for the past few weeks. I have a modest selection to choose from, luckily, this is a *fav*. Kelly green is a beautiful color & was hot last Spring & Summer. I built a few things in my wardrobe around it, like a cute floral blouse that ties in the back & a classic, solid kelly green, button down blouse. I opted not to get a matching billfold. Typically, what happens with me, is that I shop big once a season. I am not into designer clothing but dress trendy. Friends will say, "Juls! You always look put together!" That's because I generally focus on buying an entire outfit with matching costume jewelry & sometimes, yes, a purse! This time it was backwards - purse before clothes.

I found this cute bag at TJ Maxx. I believe it cost around $40 bucks. I can spend an hour carefully browsing their purse isles because they really have nice stuff! Sometimes, I'll walk thru twice to make sure I've picked the perfect bag. I was so excited to find this one! I like the color, the woven leather & the pretty dangly key chain with fleur de lis & wooden beads! Afterwards, I bought the blouses to go with the purse at Stein Mart. I *luv* Stein Mart! They have great prices & colorful, fashionable items for us *suburban moms*.

While I'm at it, here's a photo of the V'Day gift I bought for myself at Encore! Encore! This is a small consignment store in Lewisville that gets in a lot of quality clothing, jewelry, shoes & purses. When I go to Lani's consignment store, I find pieces vs. whole outfits. Many items have never been worn & still have tags on them at a fraction of the price. This has really spoiled me about spending full retail. Last year, I bought a *Coyote* fur coat! Really, really cool! I also bought a 3/4 length, broad-horizontal striped, hooded sweater (cashmere) in earthy tan, cream & brown. Very different & very vintage looking! I wore it out! It's so fun to find treasure & if any of you have consignment stores near you - be sure to check them out.

Here's the pretty bracelet! It reminds me of the keychain attached to my purse! You can see the similarity of style. This is made by a company that I think is called *Faith*. Each heart has a section of *The Lord's Prayer* with jeweled hearts & crosses in between as accents. I had to have this! Valentine's Day was a good excuse to buy it. My husband did, however, supply me with a bag of caramel filled chocolate hearts! I almost ate them all that night! The next morning, I finished them off by throwing them in my coffee!

Okay! {Opening Envelope} ... "And the Papier Creatif nominees are! ..."

1. Jeannie of
2. Lilly of
3. Nancy of
4. Veronica of
5. My Mermaid Friend of



  1. Ok.. I say I don't like purses but I LOVE that purse. You're right about Kelly Green. My DH doesn't like the color for some reason, but let's face looks great on certain skin tones and mine's one of them so I often buy a little something if it comes in that color.

    I need to go clothes shopping. It's been awhile. I'm trying to "be good" though. I told myself once I lose the weight I want to lose I can go on a shopping spree. You'd think that'd be enough motivation! Ha!

    Love the Meez too! Hehe, I got that blouse in my Meez closet. I love the cute little chars you get to make with the Meez, but I hate trying to find something to wear. There's only a very few items that are really me.

    I didn't make it time to be one of your 5, but I know they can't wait to see what you make them!

  2. Oh I lvoe purses and we sound alike in that I will sometimes buy the purse and then build a wardrobe around it. I don't think I have ever owned a green bag - which I should rectify sometime. I did one of those purse things recently. Mine was so boring because I also had to show what was inside my bag. I will find it and come back with the link to it.

    I also love your bracelet. How sweet is that? Oh I love some bargain shopping I really do. But you are right why pay full retail price if you can get some great bargains elsewhere. Loved this psot.

  3. @SparkofWhimsy Angelique! Your Meez is really, really good! She looks exactly like you! And I tried to do the chair, but it wouldn't let me do the puppy as well. And since I *luv* dogs, I did the pup-in-a-purse, even though it's a Paris Hilton chiwauwa-accessory item! I want them to do a maltese & papillon! And the 4 of them would be climbing all over me! :)

  4. @Lilly Oh yea, the bracelet is great! The photo doesn't really capture the little details of it like the tiny jeweled hearts & crosses. I was raised Catholic and went to private Catholic schools in jr. high & high school. Although I don't attend anymore, it's a nice reminder of my faith. And there are days when I need to repeat the Lord's Prayer to myself over and over and over! ;)

    Cannot wait to see the link of your purse and its contents! These little contests just crack me up! My purse was looking light that particular day. Typically it's packed and weighs about 20 lbs! If you find a green purse to tot, I gotta see it! ;)


  5. This is a fun gettin-to-know-ya kind of thing! Will get this posted on my blog and go snag five other ladies to join in. :)

  6. Yep, afraid I can't play along on this one. LOL I used to carry a "man purse" in the 70's though! Hope you are OK and hope your daughter is doing OK too! Best, Curt

  7. @Curt Well Curt! That would definitely be more interesting! You are welcome to share!


  8. Hola!
    I saw you played the Purse-of-the-Day-Tag on me. The problem is, I hardly ever wear purses. As a working mother, I need really big bags to carry all my stuff. In my bags, you can find everything from little dollies, lollipops and story books to loads of exams, exercise books and red pens (I hate that, but being a teacher, I have to carry them everyday). I´m afraid, my bags haven´t got anything to do with the purse I see on your photograph. Anyway: thank you again for your counting on me!
    Have you started working on your handmade gifts yet?
    I will send my e-mail to you a.s.a.p.!
    Besos, amiga.

  9. @Mermaid I know exactly what I'm making for everyone! I just need to shop for the little baubles to make them! {secret cannot be divulged~}


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