Project: Card - When I Am With You~ (V.1)

Valentine's Day is approaching & romance is in the air! This holiday always signals to me that Spring is on its' way - thank heavens! I cannot wait to get out in the yard to work my rose bushes & look for a few new gardening projects!

This GORGEOUS photo is from the cover of "The Aviary Gate" by author, Katie Hickman. The art is Leila (1892), by Frank Dicksee. The book was originally purchased as something to throw on a table & *look pretty*! *Pretty * - my Keyword for design. My decorator-eye picked up on the lush, drapey fabrics, trim, jewel tones, leopard print & well, the woman is resting beautifully there in all her glory adorned with gorgeous jewelry. {I'd love to have a few days of looking & feeling as she appears here!} Katie's writing style can be free-flowing & casual to historically impeccable. She spent 3 years writing this book with extensive research that required some Syriac & Arabic texts be deciphered, as well as learning some history about Islamic and Copernican astronomy! Book Premise: The primary character, Celia, is captured & enslaved by the Ottoman for their Sultan's harem. Throughout her captivity, she longs for her heart's love, an English merchant named Paul whom she was supposed to marry. He catches wind of her survival & capture while trading with the Ottoman's. What intrigued me was the hierarchy of the Ottoman society, 16th century Constantinople. It is a very fresh read, pivoting between present day & this historical time frame. I enjoyed her details of fashion, design & feelings of true love's yearnings. It also proves the point that *some things* never change! The card reads in a Gothic style font:

"I Love You
Not Only For Who You Are
But For Who I Am
When I Am With You . . ."

I've really been looking for a groove, as far as Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts. I'm inspired by altered art & cool collages. I am very drawn to the antiquey, Old World look. I especially love vintage birds & Paris themes, which I plan to begin collect for stamping & graphics. The layering aspect of altered art collage is a true art - getting really funky stuff that actually *looks odd but cool* together! And there are a lot of techniques out there that I'll have to research & pick-up on which will be fun.

This project still looks flat to me even though I used the harlequin stamp pattern with two tones of pigment: antique gold & copper, then layered with metal alphas; along with two ribbons secured with eyelets! I feel like it still needs MORE of sumthin!!! Nevertheless, I really like the vibe of this card. I've always LOVED warm tones! See the brown, gold, red & green in this layout? I've had every one of those colors painted on walls somewhere in my house at some time.

Today, I was surfing through Blogger land & came across Curt Obrien's blog @ Curt wrote that he's been getting *more comfortable* with colorizing, but actually he's naturally gifted {looks expert to me!}. I love his cards, cool layouts & cute ideas. So, Thx for the inspiration today, Curt! I needed it! Go look at his doggie-dogs, "The Boys". They are amazingly beautiful! His inspiration for me is found in the layering of color over the harlequin pattern, as well as to get bizzy & finish my card! I used a sage green pigment on top of the brown envelope with a harlequin stamp last night. It had the soft, subtle feel that I wanted, but just not enuf umpf. The added colors brushed on in copper & antique gold did the trick.

Also, I'm ALWAYS up for feedback & critique! Feel free to comment or give me some much needed advice! Learning is an on-going process throughout our lives. I LOVE MY 40s! Sky is the limit!




  1. Hi Juls! I´ve decided to install a translator in my blog. You´re not the first one to ask me to do so. I promise I will ("a.s.a.p.")! I´ve had a look at your last design. Beautiful! You´ve inspired me, and I´ve started to make my own design for St. Valentine. I´ll make a photo of it (if it´s worth to show). xoxo (besos y abrazos)


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