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Around the holidays, I love use of the words *Faith*, *Hope*, *Peace*, *Love*, *Dream* & *Believe*! These words are such amazing aspects of our souls generating positive feelings, relationships & driving us forward through life. Christmas celebrates the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ & the New Year celebrates a new beginning & new attitudes or resolution(s).

Faith encourages me to believe in myself, others & the future. It reminds me of my personal spirituality & family traditions. An important belief that I want to instill in my children,

*f a i t h*.

"Main Entry: 1faith Pronunciation: \ˈfāth\
Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural faiths fāths, sometimes ˈfāthz\
Etymology: Middle English feith, from Anglo-French feid, fei, from Latin fides; akin to Latin fidere to trust — more at bide
Date: 13th century 1 a: allegiance to duty or a person : loyalty b (1): fidelity to one's promises (2): sincerity of intentions2 a (1): belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2): belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion b (1): firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2): complete trust3: something that is believed especially with strong conviction ; especially : a system of religious beliefs..."

Many of us could use a good dose of *Faith* right now as we watch and experience the troubled world economy. My *heads up* was watching the cost of gasoline soar & worrying that our propane bill would exceed $4,000 annually on top of our gasoline costs rising 3X! Journalists & analysts report that as individuals & communities strive to deal with the effects of the economy, they are now looking inward to see what is most important - basically, cutting back on indulgence, excess & luxury. I feel a palpable coming together of communities & closer connection to the World. I hear it. I read it. As clearly as the stock market rises & falls, our faith is affected. And, hey, if we're not out shopping, we're spending more time at HOME with FAMILY, whether we want to or NOT!!

Additionally, maturity has awakened me to a huge dose of reality, unfortunately, during a very weak period of American history. I'm not one for reading the newspaper everyday but I do watch This Week with George Stephanopolous. So, I've never completely looked away from issues of the nation or world, I just wasn't as preoccupied with them. Plus, I used to have a small crush on George Will, the nerdy looking, but very well-spoken guy with the glasses. I still appreciate his candor, wit & opinions. It's not just TV anymore, information passes in a nano-second via Internet and affects us all so quickly, but perhaps, with faith it will also allow things to quickly adjust & improve - like a pendulum. One can only hope this to be true.

We've lost a lot of faith in leadership which gives us even MORE reason to hang on to faith. We trust the government to do the job expected of them by making the right decisions and being held accountable. You know! GOVERNING = MANAGING! Instead of proactive management, there's been a lot of reactive management. Leadership = Vision and Establishing Goals, Putting those Goals Into Motion, Finding Solutions and Solving Problems. Basic stuff people! Come on! Let's *Hit It*! It's time to catch up with technology while instilling efficient and correct changes to streamline government and improve government programs & management. I read that national savings in the US is up since 1952 -- don't hold me to that date -- it's been a LONG time since percentages have increased. Talk about a mirrored reality as to what's been going on in the US! I feel a little better knowing we're not the only ones that haven't been adequately preparing for the future, but to be a lemming is not such a good idea. Like a lot of people, we are re-evaluating.

Many people have been blessed monetarily and, along the way, in striving for success, often take for granted other blessings in their lives - namely; family & love of family. I don't think this was done with intent, simply socio-economic pressures. We, as a culture, have been and are concentrated on earning a living for our families & being successful. Success is often based upon what we have, instead of what we feel or believe. Still, striving for success is not altogether bad, unless it is placed first & foremost without balance. For if we ever or have ever faced the unfortunate loss of income or investment, we face the desperation of being striped away of money. Money is such a powerful source of stability. Yet, so is family. Money or no money, there remains a warm blanket of *Faith* and *Love*. Faith that family will be there for us in good times & bad. Stressful and difficult, yes. Alone, no. And stress to me can be like today, where the ribbon and ornament on my scrapbook page kept falling off while I was trying to photograph it!!! However, the loss of employment, which we have personally dealt with in the not too recent past, is tremendously tough. Flat out. It can take years to recover financially. And my heart goes out to those who are dealing with unemployment due to economic woes and budget cuts.

Interestingly & on a softer note {as I step off my pedastal}, my daughter, Jessica, stuck her head in the doorway this morning to give me a big hug & say good-bye. I love her hugs! She is leaving to take a road trip to visit a friend & attend her graduation from the Air Force's basic training. Remember, Jessi is my whimsical child. I think she has a bit of her *Great Granny Parker* in her. Granny loved to cook, wear fancy heals & bauble earrings that dangled in large, glittery balls. {Jessi is into funky jewelry & loves cooking!} It has been said that *Granny* had a little gypsy in her & is most likely the source of Jessi's yearning to travel & roam. Anyway, this kind of ties in with today's theme re: *waking up & smelling the roses*.

I noticed that Jessi had attached a really cute luggage tag with a caricature of a woman perfectly dressed in 50s attire that reads:

"Old enough to know better,

young enough to give a rat's a**!"

Ha! I think this adequately gets the point across regarding growing up, but as I approach 50, it's a statement I can relate to only NOW! {I honestly do not believe that Jessi truly understands the full nature of what that is sayin!} It is an attitude that correlates to the way so many people have been living. However, I no longer have the luxury of time and, simultaneously, neither do the governing bodies of the World. So many countries need healing & for things to be fixed or at the very least, improved. There is such an endless, sad list of need and loss of faith. Solutions will not purely happen out of faith, however, granting faith & supporting others can be like wind beneath their wings. Especially when faith is granted to those who envision positive change & good humanitarian values. Faith also increases expectation, in my opinion, which is a motivator! I *believe* in humanity & the goodness of the soul. I *hope* that the World will improve & seek *peace*. I *believe* in people who *dream* & can make great things happen. And we can all start in our own communities & homes with a few soul-nourishing actions, *love* & *faith*. Believing in ourselves & each other. Supporting each others goals and expecting the best.

Side note - I just have to mention this! On the luggage tag in Jessi's handwriting, she wrote her contact info & also the words *PLEASE RETURN* ... lol! This just really struck me as funny since someone who would purposely take it wouldn't return it just becoz she politely requested them to! But very cute & very optimistic! She has *faith* that if lost or stolen, it will be returned! LOL! I also think she picked up the * * idea from my blog which was flattering! ;) Other than these thoughts still lingering from the election of President Obama and New Year's, it was a very nice day. Jacqueline and I went to lunch with her friend Brittany and her mom for some Tex-Mex. She and Jessi have been driving me around and running lots of errands because my car is in the shop. I have to use the, "Hey, we pay your car insurance!" ploy, when they aren't feelin' like accomodating me! It works.

So, another photo from *Christmas Card Photo Day* ... I gotta admit that my intent for this pic was to show off the cool ring that Jacq & I picked out for Jessi & those velvety black gloves! My outfit did NOT look good with the 3/4 length sleeved jacket. So, I tried the gloves on which were tucked away in a drawer, rarely worn and they finished it off! VERY COMFY, SOFT & DIVALICIOUS!! We can be so silly! Me more so than my girls usually, thanks to Carol Burnett & Cher.

I really want to use as much of Basic Grey's, Figgy Pudding collection as possible. I ran out yesterday looking for letter embellishments for this project and wound up bringing home more paper for Spring projects! And since the Christmas spirit is still spilling over with inspiration, I plan on taking advantage of that & doing more holiday projects while memories are fresh! I know a lot of scrapbooking blogs have *challenges* -- mine would be to use all the Christmas holiday paper you bought for this year! Feel free to email me your projects at If you do, I will post as a TOP 3! I realize I only have 3 followers {hugs followers} but if your reading this & scrapbook, do it! You'll feel better for it! ;)

Materials List ~

  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Balsam, FIG-1000
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Trinket, FIG-1116
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Jolly, FIG-1004
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Nestled, FIG-1016
  • Little Yellow Bicycle, Christmas Magic Collection, Photo Mats Decorative Edged, #MC-155; (1)
  • American Crafts, Thickers, Sprinkles, Glitter Letter Stickers, #42890
  • The Paper Studio, Self-Adhesive Gemstones, Rnd 5mm-Clear, #862102; (11)
  • The Robert Stanley Collection, Antique Blue Sheer Wired Ribbon, #155036
  • Hobby Lobby, On-A-Cord, Hemp Jewelry Cord, Red, #155036
  • Hobby Lobby, Christmas 2008, Fashion Ornaments/Glitz Kringle, #5842513
  • Doodlebug Design, Sugar Coating, Lily White Glitter



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