Project: Scrapbook - Dear Santa Please Deliver~

Sometimes Santa needs a little encouragement, after all, he works extremely hard flyin' around in his *sleigh*, making lists, & checking them twice! Santa's been married a very long time, just like the fairy tales say forever & ever.

Marty, *aka* Santa, has been a part of my life for a little over 25 Years - more than half my lifetime! We met while I worked as a secretary at AAA Automobile Club of Oklahoma located in Tulsa. My boss, Walt, was Director of Membership Services at the time & one of his many responsibilities was purchasing. We shared a very large, L-shaped office. He, naturally, got the awesome backdrop of tall windows behind his desk, while I got the doorway. There, I'd greet all inbound visitors & appointments. I also had a state-of-the-art electronic typewriter with eraser ribbon! The kind that memorized your key strokes & would automatically backspace over mistaken ones!!! Oh Yea! Big Time! All purchase order requests were handled through our office. I'd process the orders, track receipt of merchandise & hand paperwork over to Walt for approval and/or payment. Now, I was present at all vendor meetings simply out of my proximity to Walt. Enter Marty.

Marty and a few of his buddies developed & published "The Tulsa Atlas" back in the early '80s. This is WAY BEFORE Mapquest was a blip in any one's grey matter. Can you imagine if they had stuck with the idea & computerized it? Anyway, my boss thought: 1) Marty was a nice guy and was enamoured with the idea of "The Tulsa Atlas" & 2) He hinted to me one particular day, "That guy is gonna become a millionaire ..." Well, Walt was a little off in his predictions. Furthermore, Marty's potential earnings did not impress me as much as Marty's warm demeanor & handsome looks! I was youthful (25 years ago), a little naive & quietly reserved towards most people. Typically, I conducted myself in this way due to a relatively strict upbringing & private Catholic school.

AAA had already purchased several cases of atlases from Marty's company. The Tulsa auto club had their Emergency Road Service fleet equipped with a copy. Marty had scheduled an appointment with Walt & breezed into our office early one afternoon. After I was formally introduced, business ensued between the pair. Then Walt quickly invited, "Hey, Julie?! Why don't you come on over here and take a look at this atlas Marty did." No further encouragement required. Perhaps Walt had noticed my reaction to Marty since I blushed upon his arrival & I could not stop glancing over at him. If he'd look at me, I'd immediately look away & act like I was focused on my paperwork. {Marty noticed this as he later told me. But the good news is that he had also noticed me!} So, I mustered up a little extra confidence & *coolly* strolled over to Marty, where he was seated comfortably in front of Walt's desk. I stood as closely to him as I possibly could without being on his lap, gushing sweetly over how beautiful the atlas cover was and "Oh, what a great idea! You all should be very successful with this!" etc., etc., etc. Yes, I was *subtly* showing Marty my interest, if that could possibly be considered subtle. I made sure that my thigh brushed against his. Uh-huh ... I can be a bad girl. However, the atlas truly was a quality publication & I was sincere with the compliments.

One of the best & many business tips Walt taught me, as my business mentor, was to make a habit of noting meeting dates, notes & phone calls on the back of business cards. I did this meticulously for Marty, writing notes about him in a pretty, neat hand. Shortly after our meeting, Marty began calling me directly to *check inventory*. At first, it was once a month, then every 2 weeks, then weekly, then twice a week! He mentioned that he was going skiing and I said something to the effect of, "Oh! How nice! Maybe I could go & be your assistant!" {see how subtle I was!} He got the hint - yet again. After he returned from his trip, he called and asked me out to lunch. I wore a navy skirt, khaki button down blouse with pleated side collar & navy small-print bow, navy heals. Very corporate & professional: my dress-for-success outfit. I must have assumed that would work for romantic interludes, as well. We had a wonderfully fun lunch & never stopped talking.

Another memorable date, we went to his friend's condo one evening & Marty cooked us burgers! To have a man cook for me was awesome! I also liked that early on he asked me, "Do you tan easy?" And, two breaths later, "What kind of lingerie do you like?" {He was as subtle as I was!} Actually, he really liked my high cut, red, one-piece bathing suit! That's when I weighed like 115 lbs. Additionally, he was very sympathetic. When he found out that I didn't have any furniture for my uptown apartment, he gave me a headboard & bed frame to use! I appreciated this, as I was making just enough to pay rent, utilities, insurance, car payment & groceries. And after we dated a while, I bought a bicycle to ride with him & we'd take 10 mile trips around the Arkansas River. Priorities ...

Marty went home one weekend and told his mother, Neva, that he thought he had met the one. Marty is the middle child with an older & younger sister. At the time, he was 27 years old & I'm sure it did not seem like he was going to settle down anytime soon. He enjoyed being a bachelor. But his mother latched on to the vibe and said, "Well ... why don't you move in with her?" And so, after we dated for 6 months, he asked. But it went like this ....

I was missing him & decided to ride my bicycle, *Moto-Mart*, down to the river -- yes, I was stalking him. Marty & I were dating steadily but he would take off to visit his family in Welch, Oklahoma. I was not liking that too much because I wanted to spend more time with him {be with him constantly}. I also suspected that he was occasionally dating a few other girls & would go out with his buddy, Mike. So, I'd do my thing. That hot, sunny afternoon, I was riding down Riverside Drive minding my own business. Just pedaling along, looking at the river, trees, & wondering {obsessing} about Marty. All of a sudden, I look up & see a figure RACING towards me, full throttle, legs & arms pumping like a freighter, huge chest tilted high over the handle bars, glinting reflections of sweat, glistening eyes and SWOOOOSH! The figure passes me as quickly as I can blink. Literally, sweeping strands of hair away from my face! And I thought, "Wow ..." Nothing else. Just "Wow" ... At first I was taken by the pure beauty of the guy's physical form, his strength & his intensity. Then it dawned on me, "... was that Marty?? " Thirty yards away, the ruthless biker had stopped, bicycle angled into his loins & he was looking over his shoulder at me. Now, as I type this, I certainly hope that it was because he recognized me & not because he thought I was some hot chick out riding a bike in a tight white, short-sleeved sweater! In an instant, my mind confirmed that yes, it was Marty and that yes, he was happy to see me. {Women often size up a man's feelings about them every moment they can or feel a need to ...}

He looked good. Not just good - HOT. Marty has always had a nice build with broad shoulders, great legs & deep set, green sparkling eyes. I loved going places with him. I was very proud of his good looks. He had dark sable brown, feathered hair and a nicely trimmed beard which I thought was very, very sexy! He strolled over to me. We were both surprised, yet happy to see each other. It was obvious that we had been thinking deeply about each other. We shared a little small talk and decide to get a quenching drink of cold water at the fountain & parked our bikes against the Gazebo. He was enamored with me, I must say! Again, there was obviously something on his mind ... He told me about the conversation he had with his mother and that she had suggested that hey, "Why don't we move in together?" So we did. My mother did NOT like the idea at all! But at that point in my life, I was very independent albeit financially limited. I was in love with him & there was no question that I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life.

Life eased. Life was joyful, calm & delightful. It wasn't "Fine Living" but it was "Easy Living"! We had enough. We had each other. We were not only in love but very, very close friends. He had this awesome water bed. I cannot believe I just typed that as an interior decorator - like, there is no way in hell I'd ever sell a piece of furniture like that to anyone! But this was Marty's furniture & it was the epitome of "WATERBED", huge & chunky with barely enough space leftover in the room to walk around. The best part? You could heat the thing up in the winter! I could use it now on my aching back, 25 years later. We'd watch our favorite show "Cheers" together. Years progressed to "Thirty Something"... Then, "Northern Exposure" ... Then, "Seinfeld" ... Now, "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Wow, now doesn't that just indicate what point we are at in our life! {I'm missing that water bed ... See how life always seems to come around full circle?}

We've hung on to the reins of marriage while the Santa Express flies wildly across the sky each year! For us, marriage has been good, bad & bittersweet. We are blessed with 3 beautiful children we love & adore. We've muddled through marital ups & downs. We've learned a lot about ourselves through each other. Many of his strengths are my weaknesses. My strengths are his weaknesses. I've read that helps to make couples stronger people individually. At the same time, it's enough to quite often drive each other nuts too! Our life is peppered with great family, friends & a few knock out vacations when he worked for Sabre. Here we stand, stubbornly, individually, yet together. However, I've never lost sight of the fact that Marty is my rock. He has always supported & encouraged me to pursue my dreams & ambitions. He stands by me when I need him. And although I handle a lot, he knows when I've reached my absolute limit & cannot handle a task, emotion or situation. Then, he'll take over in his quietly confident, no-BS, factual way. He returns me back to center where I can feel peace & tranquility -- just as I felt when we'd lay on that cool water bed watching "Cheers". He is my source of comfort. When I hold him, my energy fades into him. He soaks it up willingly and often will touch feet in bed or *give me a gentle high 5* when I walk by. We get out of balance. We collide. Then, we laugh at each other & ourselves. And he drives me crazy when I've asked him why he loves me, he simply says, "I just do." I want facts, data, reasons, stories, feelings -- you know EMOTION!

Dear Santa, please deliver.

This Christmas scrapbooking project layout is classic. I like the little details of the stamping & the hand-made envelope w/ a *kiss-miss tickette* tucked away. The photograph of the two of us turned out nicely, however, it is totally staged! I requested him to pose like this with me for theatrics &, once again, to show off those velvety black gloves! Meow! But the sentiment of the page is clear - through it all, we have fun, we grow, we love.

Materials List~

  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Festive, FIG-1006
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Tinsel, FIG-1013
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Toyland, FIG-1014
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Trinket, FIG-1015
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Nestled, FIG-1016
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Wonderful, FIG-1017
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Ornament Stickers, FIG-1018; (4)
  • Little Yellow Bicycle, Christmas Magic Collection, Photo Mats Decorative Edged, #MC-155; (1)
  • American Crafts, Boutique Specialty Ribbon, Clr. Moss, 3/8" Sheer, Clr. Moss
  • Hobby Lobby, On-A-Cord, Hemp Jewelry Cord, Red, #155036
  • The Paper Studio, Spare Parts, Metallic Embellishment Asst., #289470; (8) Mini-Brads, Clr. Copper
  • Our Stories, Mounting Corners, #OSM-402; (4)
  • Doodlebug Design, Sugar Coating, Lily White Glitter
  • Metallic Red, Small Eyelet; (1)
  • Envelope Template, Self-Made for *kiss-miss tickette*



  1. Hey Juls! First, thanks so much for your very kind comments on my blog! It was very nice of you. Thanks also for the very sweet comments about "my boys". They are the center of my world. Now on to you! Those sweet little ones of yours are adorable!!!! And I so love their little names. What a cute picture of them, and I love the caption. Secondly, I have to say I love your scrap layouts and color schemes, but what I love more is your amazing ability to write! Have you ever considered something in the writing field? OMG you are amazing! I read the piece on the birth of your daughter, and was rivited by every word. I could picture everything that was happening, and I felt as if I were right there. This is a talent of a mega talented writer. You really have an eye for design, but you also have a knack for designing a story. Such talent! Again, thanks so much for visiting me. If gave me a chance to sample some of your wonderful creativity and talent. Best, Curt

  2. {sweet smile for Curt} :)

    Thanks, Curt! Do ya think House Beautiful would hire me as a writer for their design projects OR should I write a juicy love story!!? ;) I know which one sounds more interesting to me!

  3. Hi Juls
    thanks for the kind comment about my new baby, I can't find anywhere to comment about your 2 doggies but aren't they just gorgeous. I love those ears.

    Love the blog and I could do with you here to help with my decorating - for ideas and my scrapbooking.

  4. I love this page so much and the story with it even more! You have such a warm heart! I just love stopping in on your site, it's always fun and inspiring. Thank you!~


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