Project: Scrapbook - Winter Hugs~

I'm the kind of woman who leaves her Christmas decorations up till the end of January. Some years out of pure exhaustion, but for the most part I think winter can feel very dreary on cold, foggy, icy days. This morning we awoke to a tranquil & soothing misty fog. I wanted to stay bundled up in bed to dream, imagine & catnap off & on. Perhaps if I wasn't a dreamer, I'd stay there; instead, my mind begins to twirl. Sometimes I create, sometimes I think of inspiration, sometimes I ponder on a problem, sometimes I pray. What inevitably ensues is a little jolt of adrenaline once I begin going through a mental list of projects & work that await me for the day. Many times, I quickly whisk myself off the side of our bed & into my slippers. Today, I slowly stretched & carefully rolled myself out of bed to crank up a pot of coffee. Then, my morning routine ensued.

This morning, I've found myself centered. Enjoying the quiet. I walked up to my office & took this photo of our tree standing in the foggy weather. I am trying to capture this tree each season so I can do a scrapbook project on it later. It's beautiful -- I missed the ice storm we had earlier this week! So, I made sure to capture the fog. I popped open my window & stuck the camera outside. The moon is showing in the background but I'm not technical enough to get it - I'll have to see if I can edit the photo. It looked so cool...

I focused on finishing this scrapbook page for my kids. It's been half-way done for a few weeks now. Like, back to the post noting my commitment to use up all Christmas paper! {yea right!} I'm glad I waited for the right *theme* to come to mind which helped add inspiration. I am often amazed at how many scrapbookers use different types of fonts & lettering materials for their projects. They make it seem so simple! And I want to learn the craft of that. Why I don't copy more is beyond me ... but I like to do things my way. I often find that my projects look tailored. I really do enjoy throwing in a some fun ideas with a Juls-twist!

This page is called *WINTER HUGS*. I came across some *Inchies* on & loved the idea! These are larger than an inch and are not embellished like the ones I saw. I thought it would be cute to connect them like a *Garland of Inchies* on twine! Outside of my measuring being off - I have not perfected that in my scrapbooking yet - the garland framed out the page nice. I carried it over to the alpha-tiles to provide a little zip.

Our children are very close to each other, thankfully. Now, I encouraged this kiss & they did so willingly - if you can believe it - being teenagers & all! They have a built-in radar when it comes to each other, typically. With Jacqueline off to college, the girls will often pick-up the phone to talk, gossip, complain & get advice from each other. Although Jacqueline could stay up at college, she'll come home many weekends to spend time with them {us}. She'll also check on Mason's latest sports endeavors in soccer & golf.

p.s. I redid the *HUGS* part of this project! I absentmindedly positioned that section upside down yesterday! I knew something was OFF! It just didn't look framed & that was why. Most people wouldn't notice, but I do. I was going to try to let it go to prove to myself that I could let it slide - but NOOOO - I HAD to redo it & rephotograph it today... details ... details ...

Materials List~

  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Pepperberry/FIG-1007
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Balsam/FIG-1000
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Jolly/FIG-1004
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Peppermint/FIG-1008
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Tinsel/FIG-1013
  • Basic Grey, Figgy Pudding, Trinket/FIG-1015
  • The Paper Studio, Spare-Parts, Alpha Tiles, Jumb Sq Antq Gld, #MT-017-AG
  • Hobby-Lobby, On-A-Cord, Hemp Jewelry Cord, Clr. Red, #155036
  • Eyelets, Assorted; Clr. Brown, Red, Green, Blue
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