Project: Scrapbook - Laugh~

Sisters & Laughter! Life & Laughter! *very* i m p o r t a n t!

Jacqueline thought it would be funny for her and Jessica to have a photo taken next to the urn with the white, metal *LAUGH* sign sticking out of it. You can tell that Jacq is hamming it up while Jessica is tickled at her behavior.

They've always been very close & consider each other to be their BFFL, *Best Friend For Life*. After Jessica was born, Jacqueline would often sit beside her crib & pretend that she was reading her bedtime stories. {thinkin' I'm gonna have to drag some photos out to copy for projects}... They are always there for each other, in good and not so good times. There have been many *closed-door-conferences* I've picked up on while walking down the bedroom hallway, overhearing giggles or deep convos about boys, school, friendship dramas or *Mom*. OH! That's me!

e enjoyed being outdoors on this cool, Fall day tickled at ourselves & butterflies! Jacq helped me work a bit on this layout. We came across this quote we felt was *totally* appropriate, it sez:

"If U Can Laugh,
U Can Get Thru It;
At Our House,
We Laugh ... A Lot!"

On the Inside of the curved note card with the "L" on it, it sez:

"If U Don't Have a Smile,
I'll Give U One of Mine!"

The details of this pocket-style layout were fun. I flipped thru books & sketched out some ideas before putting it together. I kept rearranging the elements {1000 x} before finally settling on this layout. When I get stuck, I simply go to bed & sleep on it. Like, it's 12:30 a.m. and my brain isn't functioning properly -- No Wonder!! I still don't think it's *perfect*, but Life isn't either. And I'm not all-too-sure about using the butterflies, but I Love Butterflies, so what the heck! Some of the details happened *on the fly*, like the red accent paper around the Laugh photo. I saw a narrow strip of it laying on the table and thought, "Hmmm, this might jazz up the border around the photo. " It really did make a difference. The red strips overlap each other & are accented with metal brads, *click* on it & you'll see what I'm talking about. The background paper reminds me of Juicy Fruit striped bubble gum which is cute for the theme. I also like earthy, warm tones: Oranges, Reds & Celadon Green are favs of mine!

Materials List ~

  • Me & My Big Ideas, Scrapbook Kit 12 x 12, #SPK-01 Calafia; (4) - Stripe, Red & Gold Damask, Floral & Light Blue Faux
  • Core'Dinations, Black Magic, Clr. Clay
  • The Paper Studio, Ribbon Scrap Pack, Neutral; (1) Clr. Sheer Burnt Orange, 1/4"
  • The Robert Stanley Collection, Satin Ribbon, Clr. Brown, #941757
  • Ties That Bind, Copper Kite String
  • The Paper Studio, Spare Parts, Metallic Embellishment Asst., #289470; (11) - Small Brads, Clr. Copper
  • Swirl Clip; (1) Clr. Antique Copper
  • Key; (1) Clr. Antique Copper
  • JoAnn Scrap Essentials, Antique Mold Alphabet, #26550; (1) - "L"
  • Wooden Buttons: (1) Large; (3) Coordinating Small
  • The Paper Studio, Stickabilities, Garden Butterflies Gltr Stkr, #981241; (1) Lg, (1) Med, (2) Sm
  • The Paper Studio, Heart Punch
  • Arnold Grummer's Templates, Tags For Cards & Pages, #360
  • Envelope Template {self-made} for "If U Can Laugh" Tag
  • Basic Grey, Periphery; (1) Scrolly Sign template folded in half



  1. HI Jules! Okay, I love your quote about laughing, love it! Thank you for your comment! Versailles is amazing, I have been there several times and each time it is more interesting! Yes, MA's bed is the one with the plumes and exquisite fabric with flowers, peacock feahters and ribbons, so pretty! The King's bed also has plumes, but it is not as lovely as the Queen's (his is red hers cream with print). To answer your question, not only were the nobles allowed to watch them wake, they were required. It was called the Grand levee. It was an honor to be allowed into this ceremony which happened everyday! Could you imagine being gawked at in the morning (I am not a morning person :) What a crazy life they led!!! But I have to agreee with you that the ceilings are a marvel, I think it's so incredible what we are capapble of creating and what legacy they left behind.
    I hope you have a beautiful day!!!!

  2. I´ve just had a look at your last projects. Beautiful ideas! You´re full of creativity. Congratulations.

  3. Ok.. this is the last one I'm going to comment on tonight as it's a flood already, lol.

    I just wanted to say I love your style of scrapbooking. I am not really a scrapbooker. I've done a few with cards my husband and I have given one another over the years, or pages for others, but I just never could get into it. I think because everything I usually saw at the time was so cutesy. Of coarse now days not everything is cutesy and I will see some that inspire me sometimes.

    Your layouts are anything but cutesy. They are these gorgeous, elegant pieces of artwork with a flirtatiously feminine twist. I'm glad you came across my blog. I'll be adding you to my list too. :) Thank you!



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