Project: Card - Birthday Wishes~

1. A really good friend will do favors for you.

Like, I can scream from the kitchen,

"HEY! CLAUDIA?! WILL YA LIGHT THE CANDLES ON THE MANTLE FOR ME?!!" "Sure, bring me the matches!"

{note: digging into matchbox, realizes picture is being taken & tries to act casual}

2. A really good friend will agree to have her picture taken.

{note: nervous yet cute smirk on face, as she lights candle so daintily!}

3. A really good friend aims to please.

And sometimes a really good friend will *act* like they don't want their picture taken but secretly they do!

{note: bigger, mischievous smile}

4. A really good friend is hard to find!

{note: flame shooting upward towards hair, threatening to set friend on fire ... also note: friend's oblivion due to flirting with camera}

Fire + Flirting = NOT GOOD!

{note: absolutely no cameras allowed @ 50th B'day Party!}


This is the birthday card I quickly designed about an hour ago, it's 12:30 a.m. right now {actually, I'm still editing this post a whole day and a half later - see inside card @ bottom}.

Claudia's tells me, {read like Roseanne Roseanna-danna} "When I turn 50, I'm gonna go to Vegas, the Bahamas, start oil painting, buy a horse, get certified in belly dancing, take a scuba class, go on an alligator hunt, audition for American Idol, become CEO of the company I work for, plant an herb garden, run the Boston marathon, write a romance novel, pilot the space shuttle, do yoga, set the world record for Hula-Hoop, open a pizza joint, breed goats, sky dive, become Oprah's new BFF, star in a remake of Blue Lagoon no, I wanna be Princess Leah in Star Wars, yea..., walk 20 miles a day, cure cancer & world hunger, be the opening act for Chris Rock, fly to Paris with Donald Trump, braid his hair over to the side, become a Beyonce dancer, and write a Scrapbook Blog!!!!"


This girl is the funniest friend I have. I have only one regret concerning our friendship, I truly regret that we didn't record the phone conversation we had about the TV program, THE BACHELOR, a few seasons ago - totally HILARIOUS! Millions were to be made at a very small but worth it fee of one dollar a listen! We needed to laugh at that show about something! Especially considering all the drama created when you've got 25 women competing for one guy's love & make-out sessions. I have slightly improved the mechanism to be able to digest this program, but it inevitably inflicts a potent combination of compassion & distress to watch women cry after falling in love! It's AWFUL! It's like ALL 25 fall instantly in love, simultaneously & to extremely HIGH degrees! This simply makes it inconceivable to me as to why women would risk their hearts & dignity on national television. And that, in turn, creates an impossible reaction to look away! Even while feeling loads of discomfort! I JUST WANNA KNOW!, "Who is he gonna pick?!" And naturally the producers edit the whole thing to make you believe he will pick someone else! I admit that I have been avoiding the show because I don't agree with the premise. But I guarantee that if those guys had picked the one I thought would work, they'd all still be together! ;)

one late evening, *Claudi* and I had a 40-minute, non-stop phone call poking fun & laughing about one of the contestants who was just eliminated, became gut-wrenchingly broken hearted & was sobbing hysterically. Awful, just awful! Not only becoz she got the ax but because she was WHINING!

I called Claudia, "Hey girl!? Have you been watching The Bachelor?" "Yea!!" and we started giggling... "Can you believe that chick?!" "Oh My Gawd! Nooo!" During the woman's *exit interview* or the *hey, you can go now, he doesn't want you, leave the premises immediately* command & while you are at it *share your heart with us*... The woman was in complete SHOCK & ANGUISH! The analytical side of her brain collided with its emotional side and she was a total train wreck! She heartily admonished that since he is a doctor and she is a doctor, he should have chosen her! It was a slam dunk, in her opinion! Why on God's green earth didn't he pick her????! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! AND THEN, to top it off, mentioned that .... she was aging and closing in on potentially losing her fertility! Wasn't he ready to start a family?!?! Afterall, *She was*!!!! {this was even worse than her sayin that becoz she's a doc, he shoulda picked her!} Now, don't get us wrong. I personally felt utter agony for this girl. But what got us going was the notion of .... well ................... *her eggs rotting*. LOL! AnD So It AlL sTaRtEd!


"WHY DIDN'T HE PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!?!!?!?!?!"

"I AM A DOCTER!!!!!!"

"Hey? Don't most of us sisters know that if you want a man, you don't immediately tell him that you want to have his baby!?! Not unless you are Angelina Jolie! AND, you certainly don't tell him that he needs to hurry up and give you his seed because your eggs are getting kinda old!"

Now, this just went on and on and on .... one quip after another! Trying our best {and succeeding} at one-uping each other! Even, my husband Marty, was laughing & listening from a one-sided perspective! He also added his own comments to the "Eulogy of the Eggs". I'm laughing now at the thought of it -- perhaps I'll update this when I see Claudi tonite and we'll post a few of the silly comments we were making that night! We laughed so hard that I could barely breathe at one point! Yes. *Ya had to be there!* And I'm glad I was ... there's not another friend who could have shared this low point of our humorous personalities! We just couldn't help ourselves. And, obviously, the poor girl was not in a realistic frame of mind & her future's bubble was burst in front of millions of people! If by the impossible chance it makes her feel any better, she made us laugh harder than we probably ever had in our lives!

Plus, our *eggs are rotting* too! More than hers! AND we're a heck of a lot older with MORE WRINKLES! So, Welcome To The CLUB!

Materials List~

  • K&Company, Amy Butler Sola 12x12, #626270
  • American Crafts, AC Cardstock, Lipgloss, 5x7 Cards, #71350
  • American Crafts, AC Cardstock, Lipgloss, A7 Paper Envelopes, #71358
  • Creative Imaginations, Shabby Chic ABC, Self-Adhesive Cardstock Stickers
  • American Crafts, Boutique Specialty Ribbon, Clr. Moss, 1/4" Ric Rac
  • Hampton Art, The Little Classic Rubber Stamp, Mini's Alphabet Set, #LC9401 Typewriter Style
  • The Paper Studio, ALPHABETS, by Stampabilities, Weathered, #912584
  • Making Memories, Label Holders, Oval Pewter, #23209
  • The Paper Studio, Spare-Parts, Metallic Embellishment Collection, #289470; (2) Mini-brads, Clr. Pewter



  1. Lol this card is totally cute, and cracks me up! TFS!

  2. Hi Chloe! Claudia liked it too and laughed. She wasn't so sure about being highighted on my Blog though! ha! She laughs at everything I say or do! That's one reason why we are friends!! ;)
    I enjoyed your blog and saw the *DARLING* *AWESOME* *PRETTY* cards that you design! You are talented!


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