Project: Card - When I Am With You~ (V.2)

<~~~ {See Romantic Valentine Makeover at End of Post!!! Please Comment!!!}

went shopping this afternoon with my British neighbor, Norma {see Norma ~~~>}. The phone rang very, very early for a Sunday morning & I instinctively knew it would be her. She informed me {she's like my daughter, Jessica, in that she rarely asks.} that after her morning cup of coffee, she wanted me to take her to the craft store & stop by a nursery for a bird feeder. The squirrels in our neighborhood are rather piggish & very dynamic at gymnastics, sliding down the bird feeder's thin wires while hanging gingerly by their toes & simultaneously packing their furry little, fat jowls with seed & then proceeding to lick the feeder clean. Her hubby, Bill, enjoys watching the birds flutter outside their family room window each evening for a feast. Bill suffers from glaucoma & has been slowly going blind for several years now. Last year he was able to do crossword puzzles & watch television with limited vision. The past few months his vision has worsened to the point that he cannot do his crosswords which saddens me. I worry about him. They've become like family to us in a short time span. I can run over & talk to them about life, politics, as well as past, current or ongoing dramas that seem to gravitate to me without trying. He still stays busy taking care of their pets, doing chores & cleaning the pool. Which! He fell into this winter during freezing weather! I had to chuckle but, obviously, he needs to be even more cautious.

Norma is even more competitive than me! And she will compete for things that I wouldn't typically consider! Last fall, I mentioned that I saw 3 pairs of Cardinals in our back yard & had been feeding them. What does she do? She immediately runs out to buy 3 awesome bird feeders that drew every last one of those feathered friends away! I didn't mind too, too much since I was happy that Bill would be able to enjoy them. I even quit putting seed out for a few days & watched them flock to their back porch like that Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds". His golden years are simple compared to his glorious days with the FBI. Norma keeps Bill on his toes & makes his life boring-free. She'll read the newspaper to him, runs the household & takes care of the yard. Did I mention she is has a green thumb? I'll have to blog about that this Spring. Now, the FBI-thing comes in pretty handy for Norma. She was very quick to notify an officer who pulled us over for a potential traffic ticket. I, on the other hand, quickly apologized & provided a pleading, humble case as to why I signaled another driver to let me pull in front of him from the emergency lane & breezed through a traffic light during rush hour. I think the guy just appreciated my apology & honesty, so I got off with a warning.
I've been couped up blogging & agreed to go with her to venture out into the real world! My family & friends are starting to wonder about me. They'll call & be like, "So! What have you been up to?" "Blogging & scrapbooking." Then, the predictable quiet hesitation & coined response I get from everyone. "... oh! {?!!} ... how nice.{?}" Another pause & I laugh at all of them! I find it funny because they all think I should be working. I have had my own interior decorating business for 10 years. Prior to that I worked corporate for a large healthcare company for 6 years. They are used to me running all over Dallas, talking about the latest design project or listening to my aspirations about future ideas. Working on business plans, sourcing, designing & doing the ****load of paperwork affiliated with my work that is tedious & time consuming. So, for me to say, "Oh, I've been blogging. I'm working on a scrapbook page for my kids..." You'd think that I was speaking in tongues or was possessed! Truth is ... my eyelid has healed & it is time to get back to work.

We went & now I'm feeling a tad *squirrelish* packing away all this stuff for a future craft binge! Joann's is having a 40% off sale which supplied me with enuf justification to stock up on a few key items. I tried to stay true to my inner desires to go vintage, old world with touches of Paris.

My favs are the cool stamps & vintage jewelry I plan to use as accents. I also restocked on the Metal Rim Tags and Antique Mold Alphabet.

* Fabulous Finds *
  • Delta, Rubber Stamped, "Woman in Repose", #3942F
  • Hampton Art, "French Post", #DF2610
  • Blue Moon, Global Nomad, Metal Pendant Crosses, #BM13934
  • Manor House, Metal Pendant Heart/Crown, #BM16228
  • Manor House, Metal Pendant Bird Frame Copper, #BM16213
  • Manor House, Metal Oval Clasp, #BM16072
  • JoAnn Scrap Essentials, Word Stamp, #30641
  • JoAnn Scrap Essentials, Vintage Keys, #25900
  • JoAnn Scrap Essentials, Antique Mold Alphabet, #26550
  • JoAnn Scrap Essentials, Oval Metal Rim Tags, #25802
  • JoAnn Scrap Essentials, Neutral Metal Rim Tags, #21958

However! Today's true goal {see Bloggers have goooaals!!} was to Makeover my Valentine's Card because I was not happy with it. I decided to give it more dimension & interest because I felt it was looking *B L A H*! Here's the result!

I think it looks FABULOUS! I finally feel that my inner-scrapbook-papercraft-divaness is just beginning to shine thru! And I realize that exceptionally talented card makers can see some mistakes like technique & especially measuring! I can see them too! So, any pointers on how to alleviate these probs is appreciated.
  • Ribbon is uneven from eyelets
  • Eyelets are not spaced equally
  • Harlequin pattern overlay, overlaps ribbon top & btm
  • Harlequin pattern should have been positioned better
  • Eyelets on top went totally thru back of card

{See before picture below...}

LOL! That's just for starters! But I really love it & appreciate all the talented, crafty, ingenious greeting card blogs that provided inspiration. Please don't be shy & drop me a hello or point me to your blog!


Materials List~

  • American Crafts, AC Cardstock, 5x7 Cards, Clr. Chestnut
  • American Crafts, AC Cardstock, A7 Paper Envelopes, Clr. Chestnut
  • Core'Dinations, Black Magic, Spell Caster, Clr. Mauve
  • The Robert Stanley Collection, 1/4" Satin Ribbon, Clr. Brown, #941757
  • American Crafts, Boutique Specialty Ribbon, 3/8" Sheer, Clr. Moss
  • Color Box, Pigment Stamp Pad, Clr. Treasure, #19030
  • Creative Keepsakes, Corner Dye, Rounded
  • Stampabilities, Harlequin Stamp, #OR1026
  • Blue Moon, Global Nomad, Metal Pendant Cross, #BM13934
  • The Paper Studio, Spare-Parts, Metallic Embellishment Kit, #289470; (6) Scalloped Eyelets, clr. Antique Gold
  • The Paper Studio, Spare-Parts, (1) Mini-Key Hole, Clr. Antique Gold {no stk info}



  1. Hi Juls! I think the makeover is fabulous too! It's just perfect! I appreciate your comments and welcome you to visit my blog anytime. I have added you to my Beautiful Blogs list as you truly do have a flair for the beautiful things in life.

    Peace and Luv,

  2. Hello Juls,

    I love the results of your makeover. And I love the artwork on it.

    I can share with you a few of my tricks for the problems you had, though I'll admit I'm often to lazy to measure and such.

    To make sure the ribbon doesn't shift when attaching it with eyelets I've found if you use either a vellum runner or an ATG gun's adhesive, even run it through a Xyron machine or whatever works that doesn't show up through it first. Stick it down so that it's flat and then poke your eyelets through. If you didn't wish it flat across the page, though I haven't tried, I bet you could mark where you're going to put your eyelets and just do the adhesive there going just to both sides of it and then punch..since it will hold it stationary.

    -Spacing.... measuring yes, but also, I don't know if you've heard of a "crop-a-dial" or not. It's made by memory makers and there's two versions of it. The crop-a-dial 2 allows you to punch up to 6 inches deep on a page. They both have measuring mechanisms on them where you can make sure each of your punches are at the same inset measurement. Plus it's super easy to use, silent, and punches through all sorts of stuff.

    And finally, if I'm going to be making something that I've used eyelets or brads on, I usually don't punch them through the base of the card. Even if I want it to look like it's held in place by them from the front, I just punch them through however many layers other than the base, or even just the single top layer and then adhere it to the base with sticky adhesive.

    Hope those help.

    That matting really makes all the difference in the world. I can't believe how much more she pops with it.

    Awesome job!


  3. Angelique~! Thanks so much for the advice. I believe I have the smaller version of crop-a-dile that I got for eyelets which is a whole lot easier than doing it manually {which I could never figure out}. I also read in your blog about the water color product you use and wanted to run right out and buy it yesterday. I'll check out these products as well. {Hugs}


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