Project: Card - Love Arises~

Here's a poem I wrote about never ending Love. I translated this poem in French & printed it on the Valentine's Day card I designed today, all day mind you like, right now it's 12 a.m. Wednesday morning. I had to finish!

The details of the antique bird cage & poem's verses separated by a Cross are very, very subtle. The overall scheme is simple & turned out with a clean, chic kind of look! I was going for an altered art look but wound up with this hybrid! It's contemporary with antique elements thrown in, so I'm not sure how it would be categorized. It's difficult to make bright pink paper seem antiquey! lol ...

The artwork was edited with Photoshop. Then, was merged into the poem's Word document. I formatted the picture's color & selected washout. Using double stick tape to secure the pink card stock, the card was angled onto copy paper, then printed on. If you do this, I'd recommend print testing on a plain piece of paper first to verify how it will print onto the card & adjust accordingly. I had to adjust it in Word a few times & also changed the size of the bird cage to fit completely on the card. The wings & *{xo}* were inked with red, then a touch of gold, then accented with silver & blended gently with a round flat brush.

Please don't be shy! I'd love for you to comment & point me to your blog.

I hope you enjoy the Valentine's Day card & my poem ... {Hugs}

Love Arises~

The Sound of Time Traveling in the Air,
Slowly Passing through Memories of White, of Love and of Passion,
Beautiful Cherished Moments.
Entwined Caresses.

Waves of Emotion Crashing over Two Souls,
Their Spirits Fly Beyond the Stars, Eager for Each Other,
Within Heartfelt Dreams.
Locked Embrace.

Two Hearts of One Love Beating Softly through Music,
a Home for Love to Breathe, to Exist, to Flourish,
Honoring Love’s Joy.
Orchestrated Grace.

The warmth of Sunshine Welcoming Love’s Truth,
Beyond the Nature of Time Pouring over Reality and Hope,
Living Within Hearts.
Devoted Adoration.

Palpable Feelings Yearning for Serenity,
Traversing towards Harmony, gently Navigating through Tides,
Together, The One.
United Eternally.

Tender Desires of Love and Need Sailing through Seas,
Taking Their Lives where Love Leads,
Effortlessly Through Faith.
Love Arises.

Materials List~
  • American Crafts, AC Cardstock, 5x7 Cards, Clr. Lip Gloss, #71350
  • American Crafts, AC Cardstock, 5x7 Envelopes, Clr. Lip Gloss, #71358
  • Crafts Etc, Colormates, 12x12 Cardstock, Asst. Clrs, #CLLD12U; (1) Deep Lovely Lilac
  • Tim Holtz, idea-ology, Grungeboard, Mixed Minis, #TH92776
  • JoAnn's, So Charming, Charms (hearts), #CS12253-01
  • Color Box, Pigment Stamp, Clr. Treasure; (2) Antique Gold & Silver
  • Versacolor, Ultimate Pigment Ink, Clr. 14 Scarlet



  1. I didn´t know you could write poetry, too! I think a true artist (like you) can do anything that implies creation: from writing to painting, sculpting or even cooking!

  2. Thank you for the compliment! I enjoy creating & have somewhat of a knack for writing. My mother is a highly talented artist & florist. Her grandmother was a French woman who painted beautiful China with lush roses. Then, later in life, her father {my Grandpa} picked-up the oil paints & brushes and began painting. I believe having parents that are always busy with their hands is a great influence for their children. Even my dad is what I consider creative, mechanically. Art is cathartic & {usually} very relaxing. This is so fun to do with Valentine's coming up! {Hugs}

  3. p.s. Speaking of cooking! I made the most awesome chicken enchiladas the other night I got from a cook book w/ a green chili and tomatillo sauce. My husband loved it! If you'd like it, I can email it. Very delicious!

  4. Just beautiful Juls. You are a very talented and amazing person! Please share that recipe with me too when you have time!

    Peace and Luv,

  5. I´d love to have that recipe. Gracias!
    Here´s a little gift for you. I think it can inspire you for your creations.


    Found the recipe online! This is a low-fat version. A few things I changed while cooking: used 1 pckg. chicken breast (4 pcs) w/o bone, did not use low-fat products w/ exception of 2% milk, used a mixed package of pre-shredded cheese, used 2 eggs not the egg substitute, and dipped the tortillas in the same water that the chicken was prepared in for extra flavor!

    These were great re-heated in the next night & slightly microwaved to heat up more.




    What a talented artist! The imagery is so unique ... like the whimsical city on a boat & the cool printed moon. Lovely, thank you for the spot & it made my wheels turn with ideas!

  8. What a talented person you are!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. If I had the patience and creativity for scrapbooking I am sure that I could do all kinds of fun things. I could probably devote an entire book to the things my toddler puts in his mouth!

  9. Your poem is beautiful. Wow, got a little choked up here. :) You have some gorgeous creations! A very talented lady, you are.

  10. I love your poem and the imagery that you created with it. Absolutely perfect for the month of love. I also really like the card and how you used the stamp with the French translation. What a great idea!!!

    Happy creating,


  11. Thanks, girls! Ya'll are sweetsies.


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