Project: Card - Amour~

In case you cannot tell, I'm a bit of a romanticist. Big Aspirations. Big Dreams. Big Heart. I really loved creating this card. It's adorned with a bit of blingage & for those who know me, understand that I like jewelry - a lot! So, why not put it on a pretty card?! Then, rip it off & put it on a lovely chain to wear! {Yes, the thought crossed my mind!} A few of these cards are so pretty to me that I may have to frame them all in shadow boxes & arrange them on a wall somewhere ... hmmm, I'll need 9 for 3 rows of 3.

I love this very romantic, antique image of the two statuesque people kissing. Like, "Hey? Do ya wanna take the rest of each other's clothes off?" Case-In-Point: nearby cave. Raw human emotion has not evolved much, if at all, since this time frame of the world & is recognizable: passion, tenderness & *amour* {love}! All in one fleeting moment! Beautiful.

I enjoy vintage, ancient-looking prints of centuries past. At times, it is captivating to leaf through books of art & view the humanity & disparity of life throughout the ages through the eyes of the artist. Even online through Paris Atelier's blog, as a wonderful example. I look forward to her scrupulous, intriguing & gorgeous posts. Then, there is Jeanne at Dragonfly Journeys who makes me smile every day with her thoughtfully, sweet cards. And another wonderful card maker, Curt of Curt's World, whose dogs I want! And, Mermaid Lullaby's, whose photographs launch me into dreamland sometimes & I'll often craft while listening to her song list.

This little piece is a collage of thought, inspired by my new friends here - scrapbooking, card making & historical beauty rolled into one! Oh yes, and one more important inspiration!


{Hugs} & Wishing You Lots of Love!

Please do not be shy! Comment & point me in the direction of your blog!

Materials List~

  • American Crafts, AC Cardstock, 5x7 cards, Clr. Lipgloss, #71350
  • Core-Dinations, Black Magic, Canvas Texture
  • The Paper Studio, Black & Cream Script, 12x12, #846865
  • The Paper Company, Color Translucent, 12x12, Clr. Pink, #10702-018
  • The Robert Stanley Collection, Black Satin 1/4" Ribbon, #662288
  • The Paper Studio, Spare-Parts, Metal Embellishment Kit, # ; (4) Ant. Silver Mini-Brads
  • The Paper Studio, Spare-Parts, Alpha Sliders, #RHR-BLK
  • Blue Boon, Manor House, Metal & Acrylic Pendant, Crown Blk/OXS, #BM16228



  1. I LOVE this card! What a great job! I so love the vintage feel of it, and the "blingage" (love that word) is gorgeous! Wonderful! Best, Curt

  2. I love this card! I think you should hang it up :) What a great idea. Thank you so much for mentioning me, I feel honored that you even stop by to read my posts let alone write about it! Thank you!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thank you, sweeties of Blogland!

  4. Gorgeous dahling!! Thanks for the sweet comments, you are a true romantic at heart! This is your favorite time of year, isn't it?!

    Peace and much Luv, Luv, Luv,

  5. Gorgeous dahling!! Thanks for the sweet comments - you truly are a romantic at heart.

    Peace and much luv, luv, luv,

  6. This is beautiful! Hehe I love when it's tempting to take the sparkly off and wear it too! In fact, besides flea markets and my own old jewelry and hair pretties, I sometimes go to Sam Moon and find some of their inexpensive charm bracelets and take them apart or various other items.

    I LOVELOVE the image. Stunning job!


  7. Angelique! Thank you so much! You are awesome & I *LUV* your artistry!


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