Info: ARTchix Studio~

Okay, I luv this! Especially with Valentine's Day just around the corner! I know, I'm supposed to be working on Christmas layouts but while *researching* today, {researching = web surfing haphazardly for hours, adding Twitter to Papier Creatif's Blog so everyone knows what the Diva-Creator is up to moment-by-moment, working on my mini-sweet xmas tikettes, chasing around my doggie-dogs & making them behave, etc.}, I noticed ARTchix Studio's website on my Bookmarks I had forgotten about. No wonder I added it! Very unique, beautiful stuff!

I also luv the brilliant colours, the antiquey vintage graphix & who doesn't want to be *kissed*, *spoiled* & *loved*!?! Count *moi* in!

ARTchix Studio is a Canadian-based company that sells images, artbits & more. Here's their website... They have a lot of baroque-style accents & embellishments like metals, stamps, & stickers for scrapbooking, papercrafts, collage, jewelry that you don't see everywhere. And the ideas you'll start dreaming about while browsing the website can be endless! Enjoy!



  1. LUV this pic!! I'm a serious hopeless romantic tho! The song is great too. Kinda old bluesy-ish, very sexy!!



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