Project: Scrapbook - Live Hard! Play Hard!~

There are a lot of things that I do well or near perfect. Frustration with mediocrity is a fuel for me. Perfection is derived from laying out a logical course or action then repeating the thought or action several times until it appears - sometimes recognized; sometimes not. *Perfection*... similar to the way stars are scattered across the universe with undeniable precision. True perfection is nothing more than a beautiful idea or action that appears naturally effortless.

You know how when you watch an athlete make an extraordinary play, hear a beautifully sung song or watch a heart moving story about humanity & goodness? Your heart kind of skips a beat & warms you up inside or you feel the prickly sensation of chills radiate up your spine & across your arms ~ that's the way I feel when I watch my son, Mason, swing a golf club. I recognize an easiness, a smooth rhythm, a goodness he feels holding the club & looking across the field while taking his practice strokes. I love the *swooosh* of his club, as it carefully glides & circles through the air and the natural movement of his body following the club. The keen perfection of a well-executed stroke. "Wow, he has a beautiful swing ... wow ..." echoes softly through my mind.

It reminds me of his father, Marty. Marty Loves Golf. He could be clustered with the genre of men who also *love golf*, have wandered a little past the days of ambitious dreams, & can occasionally be heard muttering, "I could have gone pro..." There is no doubt that if he had truly wanted to be a golf pro, Marty could have. His swing is as smooth as Mason's but they still have their own unique *footprint*. What is the difference? Mason has the capacity to become obsessed. I believe the majority of excellent golfers are, actually, obsessed. You'd have to be to want to hit the same little ball 1,000,000's of times over & over & over again. Mason has a touch more passion about life - just a little more fire than his Dad. Also, Mason's convictions are never to be taken lightly. Call it "blind ambition" but I believe in that stuff; Stephen Covey would term it "positive thinking". There's no question that what Mason believes he is going to do, ultimately he will do it. He pretty much thinks, lives & breathes golf. Yet, he's balanced and enjoys other interests. He's smart. He's strategic. He definitely has his own game plan. He has ways of approaching shots that his Dad may not think would be the most conservative or *best way*. And although I may *debate* with Mason around the house, rarely on the golf course - unless he's pitching a club - then there will be a LONG LECTURE after the round. As I've watched him in tournaments, once he makes a determination, it is set in stone. When pressed, he has the ability to turn things around. I've watched opponents go from being casually cool, to noticing his style, to intently watching his play, to respecting his game. He's a young player with a lot to learn but his swing is *Perfection*.

This scrapbook page has a classic looking vintage layout and I had a great time putting this piece together! The photo {right - from hotel room} was taken at the Horseshoe Bay Resort on November 1st, 2008. After photographing Mason on two of the gorgeous courses there {his photo was at Ram Rock Golf Course} & taking some pretty nice camera shots for a novice photographer, I volunteered to coordinate the Golf Team's slide show presentation for their annual banquet. Our moms are going to do a "scrapbook themed" program for each player. Good thing we have 5 months or so ... Once again, Basic Grey strikes it BIG with me, this is from their Periphery Collection. Love the deep tones & scrolly, antiquey look. I enjoy accenting with metals, especially for Mason since it lends itself towards a masculine edge.

Materials List~

  • Basic Grey, Periphery, Syrah, #PIP-918
  • Basic Grey, Periphery, Vineyard, #PIP-909
  • Dark Brown Paper {no stock info}
  • Creative Imaginations, "Shabby Chic ABC", Self-Adhesive Cardstock Stickers; (2) "1" and "8"
  • The Paper Studio, Ribbon Scrap Pack, Clr. Neutral; (1) - Brown
  • Joann Scrap Essentials, Neutral Metal Rim Tags, #7125461; (2)
  • The Paper Studio, Spare Parts, Metallic Embellishment Asst., #289470; (6) Small Brads, Clr. Antique Copper, (2) Mounting Corners, Clr. Silver
  • Joann Craft Essentials, Antique Mold Alphabet, #26550; (2) "M" and "H"
  • Joann Craft Essentials, Metal Bookplate, Clr. Silver; (1)
  • Creative Imaginations, Marah Johnson, Rock & Roll Series, "Live Hard! Play Hard" Epoxy Sticker
  • Memento: Horseshoe Bay Resort, Golf Ball Marker, Clr. Pewter
  • Memento: Handwritten "Mason 2008 GHS Golf"



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