Intro: Scalloped with Colored Paper~

The first time I scrapbooked was years ago using Creative Memories products purchased from a friend who was a consultant. I had fun cropping photos & putting together pages of a vacation we took to Cancun, Jessica's 1st day of kindergarten, & Father's Day page the kids helped with by journaling adorable notes to him! Cute stuff! The style of these pages are simple; and although my scrapbooking has become a touch more sophisticated, the feelings that *pop-up* from each page are the same.

Whether a page is gilded in gold or scalloped with colored paper - Love is Love.

Busy working & being a soccer mom, the photos started piling up! In the past, I had consistently placed our photos into an album after a roll of film was developed. This assured me that special events were in historical order. Years passed quickly and our photos became a complete a mess! With lots of packages tucked away in drawers & boxes, I had also tucked the project away in the crevices of my *mental to do list*! I thought it would be easy to remember the dates our photos were taken, but I started relying on my kids to figure out how old they were! At that point, I knew it was *time* to get caught up! I wanted my children to have the benefit of looking back on their young years at home with mom & dad, holidays with their grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, & friends.

Family photos have always been important to me, even as a teenager. I'd photograph friends in high school & college and put together those 'old-fashioned' scrapbooks and journal funny things. I took photos of the various women's soccer teams I played on while living in Tulsa and the Dallas area. I would drag my husband, Marty, to the park to take pictures of each other. In my 20s and 30s, I'd scour through my parents photographs & albums finding them in complete disarray but enjoying the stories they told! Like the 'Las Vegas Party', 'The Tiki Bar Party' they built for their apartment flat, 'Astronaut Halloween', where I woke up the next morning and ate all the maraschino cherries left in their guest cocktail glasses. This is also very memorable because my parents wore silver space suits and my mom wore checkerboard pattern eye make-up! The albums covers were worn, yellowed and falling apart, photographs were missing or hanging on by a mere thread, many were tossed in a bag and getting curled, bent or damaged; but I had a blast going through them. The disarray concerned me and I felt someone needed to take the time to preserve them. My mom, the artist, and my dad, the hard working business owner, simply did not have time.

Organization is definitely a product of my childhood and filtered itself into my profession. It all began when I would organize my parent's eclectic collection of art, antiques, collectibles and furniture. I would surprise my mom by rearranging a room and putting their *things* in an order that made more sense. She'd tell me that, "You can make my "junk" look good!" Okay, not in those exact words, but replace the word "junk" and you've probably guessed it. She is just NOT a meticulously organized woman; however, she has accomplished much in her life as an artist, excelling in talent as a painter, high-end florist, and accessories & gift shop owner, Always In Season, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. {Go See Her if You Are Ever In Tulsa!} Like me - time flies and her passion has always been about creating. Organizing? Not so much.

At one point, I carted a couple grocery bags over flowing with my family's photos from Oklahoma to Texas fully intending to arrange them ALL in some semblance of order! I sat for hours sifting through the smiles, holidays, lake outings, vacations - and well - basically, it was impossible. It was indeed a huge project and I was indeed a busy woman! So, now regrettably, I returned the photos to them after going down memory lane and smiling inside for all the good times and savoring the personalities of my relatives, and my brother and sister. Love spilled out of my heart, as easily as the photos spilled over the ragged edge of the bag. So, I vowed that I would preserve the history of *My Family*.

Feeling concerned about the possibility of my family's photos becoming damaged, lost or completely unmanageable. I asked our oldest daughter, Jacqueline, to chip-in & organize our photos along with our youngest daughter, Jessica. Knowing this would drum up good feelings inside their hearts, as it did me sorting through my childhood photographs, I a felt a secret satisfaction! It took them a good 3 days to finish the job but they did it! And, I felt relieved that the task has been completed. They probably think their mom is *disorganized*! Me!??? Shhhhh...

With the advent of the digital camera, I stopped taking shots with my old, trusty 35mm. I was not fully prepared for digital technology. Nor, did I have a clue about how to devise a system of organizing digital photos on my computer. It was challenging enough to keep the battery charged, adequate memory disc space, and an even a greater challenge transferring photos from the disc to the computer! Little by little, I learned more about downloading photos to the computer. I still have trouble sometimes!

Prior to my eyelid surgery, knowing I'd have some down time with my eye sewn shut, I decided to do something productive, meaningful & family-oriented. Earlier in Spring of this year (2008), I purchased a Canon Rebel XTi and mega-zoom lens with stabilizer for my kid's sporting & orchestra events, as well as getting back into the habit of holiday pictures! 1000's of photos later, I've figured out a great system of organizing. And many scrapbook pages later, I've reminded myself how much I love my family!



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